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August 2011

The 2011 Tropical Innovation Awards held at the Cairns Convention Centre on Friday 12 August, once again attracted an interesting and diverse array of entries from all over Australia and the world.

The various categories that were available to entrants this year included:

  1. Tropical Innovation Award
  2. Emerging Innovation Award
  3. Eco Innovation Award
  4. Business Innovation Award
  5. People's Choice Innovation Award

The sheer number of entrants in this year's awards, and the respective standard of all inventions and innovations represented at the awards night, were once again extremely high and ultimately reflected the ingenuity and innovativeness of North Queenslanders in general.

The formal gala dinner and awards night was a sold out event with entrants, dignitaries and invited guests mixing and celebrating the prestigious occasion.

Invited guests including last year’s popular "People's Choice" Innovation Award winner, and inventor of the "Transportable Aquapax" bulk recyclable drinking water unit, Mr Martin Anton was photographed chatting with dignitaries including Cairns Mayor Val Shier and the Federal Member for Leichardt The Hon. Warren Entsch MP.

From all accounts, this year's event was a resounding success with plans already well advanced for the staging of next year's event in 2012.



July 2011

The winner of the Rabobank FNQ Rotary Field Day Invention of the Year award, Martin Anton, has called on the Federal Government to use international aid money to support Australian companies.

Mr Anton, who invented the Transportable Aquapax, which is designed to carry micro-filtered drinking water that can last up to 29 months, said the money could be the "economic stimulus" far north Queensland businesses need.

"The bush needs a bit of a hand. We really need some stimulus help, and we are not looking for a handout," Mr Anton said.

The Aquapax carries 1000 litres of water from Babinda and costs $800 or 80 cents a litre. It was used at Mission Beach and Cardwell after the devastation of Cyclone Yasi in February and is used by Roadtek to supply fresh water to its workers in remote areas.

"During Cyclone Yasi we sold two semi-trailer loads to Emergency Services Queensland during all the reconstruction there because it's got its own little dispensing tap at the bottom, which we've designed in New Zealand and you can just turn the tap on and off as you please."

He said the water had come as a welcome relief to people who had lost almost everything and was preferred to the water being offered by the army.

Aquapax had taken four-and-a-half years to develop and more than two years of testing. The outside of the box is water proofed and inside there is a hexagonal cardboard box and inside that a "triple oxygen barrier bag" which is a specially designed liner.

Mr Anton has owned a water bottling plant for seven years which is based in Babinda. It is known as the Water Farms Australia bottling plant.

The invention came about from a need to "reinvent ourselves as a water bottler because we had a very good product and we wanted to niche market it and have a boutique market, where we had either no competitors or very few competitors".

"The only way you can do that these days is to invent something new, because otherwise you are up against the likes of multinationals, you know the Cokes and Cadbury Schweppes, all the big boys and they do a good job at what they do, but we wanted to have a point of difference and I think we've got it."

Mr Anton, who is the managing director and owner of Aquapax Australia, said: "Our water contains no chemicals, guaranteed, it's natural spring water and there's no tap water therefore no fluoride, no chemicals, no nothing. So it ticks a lot of boxes."

He said the packs had "revolutionised the carrying of potable drinking water", and that "previously, the longest you could keep drinking water in a bag was about five weeks".

"We've designed this so that people can, but also with mining in mind, plug it straight into a water cooler, and you won't need any filters because it has already been micro-filtered, and you can hook up an ice machine.

"Roadtek wanted to hook up an ice machine to this so when they take their men up into remote areas they have the luxury of better water than we've got in town here."

The invention, or innovation as Mr Anton prefers to call it, won the people's choice gong at the Tropical Innovation Awards for 2010. At a follow-up ceremony held in Cairns, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd introduced him to the foreign dignitaries that he had brought to Australia as part of a plan to increase trade.

Mr Anton said he was particularly interested in seeing his Aquapax used to relieve thirst in the wake of famine in African countries such as Kenya and Somalia and said it could have been used in Pakistan after that nation's devastating floods earlier this year.

"I feel quite uncomfortable as I sit here knowing that my packs can definitely save lives. I know that they all want food and water, they need it," he said.

Mr Anton said that if he could access just $1 million of Australia's international aid budget "I could put another 10 staff on".

"We are not asking for a handout. We are asking to be part of the procedure, part of the cure," he said.

Mr Anton will be a keynote speaker at the Mareeba Chamber of Commerce's Strength in Diversity economic forum to be held on July 29 at the Mareeba International Club.

He will speak about his innovation and the region's need for port facilities in Cairns, how the Tableland and Cairns need to work "a lot closer together than they currently are", and that "we have got some brilliant minds and brilliant ideas and some brilliant innovations in north Queensland that need greater promotion".

Story courtesy Andrew Molloy, Mareeba Express



June 2011

The 2011 Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival, which is a biennial cultural event held over three days between June 17th and June 19th, was once again a huge success this year.

The normally sleepy, historical Cape York township of Laura, which generally has a population of 100, swelled to almost 5,000 during this years staging of the Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival.

Over 500 indigenous performers from all over Queensland and Australia, descended upon Laura to showcase their respective traditional dances, songs, music and stories for the adoring audience of 5,000 + who travelled from all regions of Australia to provide their support, respect and appreciation for one of the world's oldest and most dynamic cultures.

This year's event organizers ensured that all traditional dancers and their respective troupes were well catered for during the festival, by providing numerous 1,000 Litre micro-filtered drinking water (AQUAPAX) for their exclusive usage.

These 'world-first' new 1,000 Litre micro-filtered drinking water (AQUAPAX) are an Australian invention / innovation that was designed to provide safe drinking water to remote regions and communities. Whilst this was the first time ever that the all-new 1,000 Litre (AQUAPAX) had been purchased by event organizers for use at the famous Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival, there is every chance that these brilliantly designed, long-life, micro-filtered 1,000 Litre transportable (Aquapax) will become a regular feature at all future festivals.

Proud Muyi Wunba dancers from the Kuranda Rainforest are pictured in front of the 'world-first' 1,000 Litre drinking water (AQUAPAX) which was used for the first time (with great success) by organizers of the recently staged Laura Aboriginal Dance Festival.


Official Launch of the 2011 Tropical Innovation Awards

April 2011

Transportable Aquapax inventor and innovator and People's Choice Winner of the 2010 Tropical Innovations Awards (Martin Anton), was an invited guest of honour at the official launch of the 2011 Tropical Innovation Awards and civic reception for the 2011 Diplomatic Corps visiting Cairns.

The gala evening which was organized by the Cairns Regional Council, was designed to showcase the talents and innovativeness of the Cairns and North Queensland region to visiting foreign envoys and ambassadors and to encourage the growth of new regional business enterprises.

During the course of the evening and official speeches, Martin was introduced to the crowd of visiting foreign ambassadors and invited guests and dignitaries by former Australian Prime Minister and now Foreign Affairs Minister, Mr Kevin Rudd.

Following a short speech about his new award winning 1,000 Litre drinking water Aquapax innovation, Martin was personally introduced to Mr Kevin Rudd. Following an exchange of pleasantries, Mr Rudd requested an Aquapax business card, such that he may present this to his contacts in the United Nations for their consideration.

From all accounts, the evening was an overwhelming and resounding success for innovator Martin Anton, with the majority of all African and Middle Eastern Country ambassadors in attendance showing considerable, excited interest in his all new AQUAPAX drinking water innovation.


Aquapax assists Cyclone Yasi victims

February 2011

Locally developed North Queensland innovation The Transportable Aquapax, provided enormous assistance to coastal towns and communities ravaged by the destruction of Cyclone Yasi.

The 1000 Litre Transportable Aquapax units were hastily filled and despatched from their Babinda premises, on numerous trucks and semi-trailers, to provide much needed safe drinking water to all those communities and people left reeling from the devastation of Cyclone Yasi.

Emergency Services Qld (EMQ), Cassowary Coast Council, Queensland Police, Roadtek, Ergon, Energex, Q. Build, schools, hospitals, hotels, private businesses and private individuals all utilized the 1000 Litre Aquapax micro-filtered drinking water units, as their preferred back-up solution to provide safe & hygienic, fast, cost effective, ready to drink bulk drinking water during the Cyclone Yasi disaster in North Queensland.

Pictured below: Semi-trailer trucks delivering 1000 Litre Aquapax drinking water units in the days immediately after Cyclone Yasi to devastated towns and communities between Innisfail and Townsville.


Aquapax assists Queensland flood victims

January 2011

The 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax is helping to supply Queensland's flood devastated communities with fresh, clean drinking water.

Martin Anton, owner of Transportable Aquapax, said a number of units containing 1,000 litres of micro-filtered natural spring water had been dispatched to Emerald and Rockhampton, as a part of flood assistance and recovery efforts.

"It was not invented for floods but more for drought-ravaged areas," Mr Anton said.

"But 1,000 litres of drinking water goes a fair way and if a community floods the first thing that usually becomes compromised is their water supply."

The Transportable Aquapax units comprise an octagonal-shaped outer cardboard box (for strength), which house a uniquely designed inner-liner, triple-layer, barrier bag, which has been scientifically developed and engineered to ensure that the encapsulated water is given maximum protection from potential external environmental contaminants which may otherwise cause the water to prematurely spoil and taint.

"We are proud and pleased to be able to assist with supplying fresh, clean drinking water to the flood affected communities of Queensland."


Aquapax wins inaugural Tropical Innovation Award 2010

November 2010

The 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax is proud to be named the inaugural winner of the Tropical Innovation People's Choice Award 2010.

The Tropical Innovation Awards were launched in 2010 with the aim of recognising, rewarding and supporting innovation and invention across the Far North Queensland region, supporting economic diversification and sustainability.

They provided an opportunity for local inventors, innovators and businesses to showcase their inventive and innovative ideas, projects and processes to potential investors, mentors, government officials and the public.

The hotly contested People's Choice Award was decided through an online voting system open to the general public. Sponsored by AusIndustry, ten applications were chosen from the total pool of applicants to be viable for the People's Choice.

Award winners were announced at the official presentation evening at the Cairns Convention Centre on Friday 5 November 2010.

The Tropical Innovation Awards were open to entrants from the four major Far North Queensland Local Government Areas (LGA's) including: Cairns Regional Council, Tablelands Regional Council, Cassowary Coast Regional Council and Cook Shire.

For more information on the Tropical Innovation Awards, please visit their website.

Picture courtesy The Cairns Post.

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