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1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax - Water Analysis

All water used to fill our 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax is of exceptional quality. It is genuine natural spring water that has been sourced from our very own natural springs in Babinda, Tropical North Queensland.

The water that is used to fill our Transportable Aquapax does not contain any chemicals or additives such as Chlorine or Fluoride and does not contain tap water.

Results from a Certificate of Analysis performed by Cairns Regional Council Water and Waste in February 2010 are provided below for your reference.

Cairns Regional Council Water and Waste - Issued February 2010
Source Water Analysis Result Analysis Methods
Alkalinity - Total 6.6 mg/L CaC03 TPP010
Ammonia <0.05 mg/L N TPC210
Bi-Carbonate Alkalinity 6.6 mg/L CaC03 TPP010
Calcium 1.5 mg/L Ca TPC020
Chloride 7.1 mg/L Cl TPA280
Colour - Apparent <1 Pt-Co TPP020
Electrical Conductance 48 pS/cm TPP030
Fluoride < 0.1 mg/L F TPA060
Hardness - Total T/F mg/L CaCO3 TPP040
Magnesium 0.8 mg/L TPC020
Nitrate 0.37 mg/L TPC199
Nitrite <0.01 mg/L N TPC200
pH 5.6 TPP050
Potassium 1.3 mg/L K TPC020
Silica - Reactive 13 mg/L SiO2 TPA280
Sodium 4.7 mg/L Na TPC020
Solids - Total Dissolved 33 mg/L TPP060
Sulphate 2.6 mg/L SO4 TPA280
Total Oxidised Nitrogen (NO3+NO2) 0.367 mg/L N TPC210
Turbidity 0.2 NTU TPP090
=Preparation (Filtration - 0.45um) n/a  


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