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Bulk Water For Remote Communities - 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax

The 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax is an innovative and cost effective new way to supply bulk, micro-filtered drinking water to people and businesses in remote regions all over Australia and the world.

The name "Aquapax" is derived from the Latin words "AQUA" meaning Water and "PAX" meaning Peace. The name "AQUAPAX" can therefore be accurately modernised and translated as "PEACE WATER".

Following years of collaborative laboratory testing, research and development on the revolutionary new "AQUAPAX" product, North Queensland inventor / innovator (Martin Anton) and sole director of his family owned and operated company "Aquapax Australia Pty Ltd", is proud to announce the release of the all-new "world first" one-way and fully recyclable Transportable Aquapax.

The Transportable Aquapax water unit essentially comprises an octagonal-shaped outer cardboard box (for strength), which houses a uniquely designed inner-liner, triple-layer, barrier bag, which has been scientifically developed and engineered to ensure that the encapsulated water contained within is given maximum protection from all other potential external environmental contaminants which may otherwise cause the water to prematurely spoil and taint.

Whilst there are many different types of bags widely available on the world market today, which have been designed to store and transport bulk liquids and juices, none have been completely successful in specifically preserving the life and taste of water for long periods of time.

Aquapax Aquapax Aquapax

Our extensive laboratory testing and road testing of other nylon bags and liners available on the market today, reveal that none have the ability to preserve water beyond a maximum period of 4 to 5 weeks in total. This is due to the limited barrier protection qualities of the inner bag / liner being used. Because water is so "oxygen sensitive" it is far more difficult to perfectly preserve for long periods of time, unless a triple layered Oxygen barrier bag, such as the one fitted exclusively in our Transportable Aquapax bulk drinking water units, is used.

Following our extensive laboratory testing and research, we have now proven that we can perfectly preserve premium quality drinking water for periods of up to two years in our all new Transportable Aquapax, without any detectable taint, bacteriological cross-contamination, odour or spoiling of taste.

Similarly, the Transportable Aquapax unit is structurally tamper evident and cannot be tampered or interfered with at all. Its unique construction and design ultimately gives peace of mind to the consumer and effectively guarantees that the integrity of the water that is being stored in and dispensed from the Transportable Aquapax is always the best that it can possibly be.

The external waterproof packaging and wrapping of the Transportable Aquapax supports and compliments the 2-year Best Before lifespan of the water contained within. All plastic wraps used have been UV stabilized to last up to two years before they begin to degrade and break down.

Whilst most Australians take their seemingly unlimited access to excellent quality drinking water at the turn of a tap for granted, there are many others in regional and remote communities of both Australia and the world who have either limited or no access to safe quality drinking water. The recent release of our all-new 1000 Litre Transportable Aquapax product will now afford all Australians, and peoples of the world, equal access to safe micro-filtered drinking water, on request.

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The development and subsequent release and roll-out of the all-new 1,000 Litre Transportable Aquapax has been born out of the need to provide:

  • A "one-way" bulk drinking water pack that can be pallet mounted for ease of transport on commercial trucks, rail freight carriages and private utility vehicles.
  • A "one-way" bulk drinking water pack that has an extended product life span which includes an unparalleled HACCP certified Best Before date of 2 Years.
  • A "one-way" bulk drinking water pack that is fully recyclable following end usage.
  • A "one-way" bulk drinking water pack that provides its own easy to use (tamper proof) ball valve (2inch / 50mm) for safe and easy dispensing of water.
  • A "one-way" bulk drinking water pack that is packaged in such a way that it can be deemed fully waterproof. NOTE: All product packaging is Ultra-Violet light (UV) fortified and is made from "food safe" materials which comply with the requirements of AS2070-1999 and all other relevant FDA regulations.
  • A "one way" bulk drinking water pack that clearly displays all NATA ACCREDITED (typical laboratory analysis) information on its external packaging which informs the end user of the scientific mineral make-up of the water contained within and all other relevant product information.
  • A "one-way" bulk drinking water pack which can be packed on to international sized pallets and stacked on top of each other, such that a total of 20 full Transportable Aquapax can be loaded into a shipping container at any one time. NOTE: A total of 20,000 litres of water in 20 separate and individual Transportable Aquapax can therefore be transported in a single 20 foot shipping container to anywhere in Australia, or the world.
  • A "one-way" bulk drinking water pack (unlike any other two-way bulk water or 15 & 19 Litre polycarbonate cooler bottle options currently available on the market), that is tamper proof by design . This prevents the interference or tainting of the water contained within by the environment or others, ensuring the quality and integrity of water is exceptional until the drinking until the very last drop.
  • A "one-way" bulk drinking water pack (unlike any other two-way bulk water or 15 & 19 Litre polycarbonate cooler bottle options currently available on the market), that never has to be returned to the supplier for cleaning and subsequent re-filling. NOTE: Given the Transportable Aquapax is not returned to the supplier after use, there is no need for return transport trucks, trains etc to collect empty containers, which is ultimately a net saving where environmental impact relating to carbon footprinting is concerned.
  • A "one-way" bulk drinking water pack (unlike any other two-way bulk water or 15 & 19 Litre polycarbonate cooler bottle options currently available on the market), that does not rely upon using a cocktail of cleaning chemicals, sanitizers and sterilizing agents and which similarly does not rely upon wasting excessive amounts of water to clean returned containers prior to refilling and re-selling units to prospective customers.

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